Some Gamakis living in North America have been perfoming since 1970-80s. On August 11th 8PM EST 2020 enthusiasts, Gamaki's and organizers  got together and resolved to form this association to work further on the promotion and performance of this art of Gamaka in North America. We have compiled some known peformances - a rough history etc. Please send more information so we can update this. This is a volunteer organization open to all.

Co-ordination Committee
1 May 2023 - Current

Pratap Simha - Convener
Shreemanth Karthink
Asha Ganapathi
Yelleshpura Dattari
Sri Sreekanth
Ragu Kattinakere

11 Aug 2020 - 1 May 2023

Yelleshpura Dattari
Ragu Kattinakere - Convener
Ganesh Sharma Tyagali                                    . Sri Sreekanth

We will open up and welcome more people.

The aim is to build a community of Gamaki's and Vyaakhyanakaras in north america, co-ordinate and conduct Gamaka Vaachana events working both with North America and Indian artists.


An overview of some known timeline and events (Please share more info so we can add and document)

  1. In 1987-88 Smt/Shri Geetha and Y Dattari performed Durvasathithya Vaachana Vyakhyana in Newyork Ganesh Hindu Temple. Since then they have performed in many places.
  2. In 1989 Hosabale Seetharamarayaru visited the USA and performed 3-4 vaachana events in some cities of the USA.
  3. Since then other Gamaka events have taken place including by Smt Radhika and Shri Ramacharandra Shastry in the USA.
  4. In Canada Shri Ragu Kattinakere performed Harishandra Kaavya at Kannada Sangha Toronto in In 2012 (Vachana Vyakhyana). Later only Vaachana in 2013 at Chicago, USA.
  5. In 2014 and 2015 Srisreekanth organized a full pledged performance in Tornonto by Smt/Shri Geetha and Y Dattatri - Karnamukti and Viduraatitya.
  6. Shri Ramprasad K V and Ganesh Tyagali have been performing in California since 2014.
  7. Gamaka Kala Vedike Canada was formed in 2018, 13th May at Etobicoke Civic Centre, Toronto with the performance of Doorvasaathitya by Smt/Shri Geetha and Y Dattatri and Harishandra Kaavya by Shri Ragu Kattinakere and Shri Naveen Kandika.
  8. Since then various Gamaka performance attarcting a lot of people has happened in Purandara Aaradhane, Kannada Sangha etc. Online Gamaka Bakaasuravadhe and Krishna Saarathya.
  9. On August 11th 2020 8PM EST a general gathering of enthusiasts resolved to form the Gamaka Kala Vedike North America also know as Gamaka Art Association North America and inauguarate it on Dec 20th 11AM EST on live stream in the presense of head of Gamaka Parishd Smt Gangamma Keshava Murthy Shri Hosabale Seetharama Rayaru and Shri H R Keshavamurthy and other notable Gamaka artists and supporters.

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